„Ich kämpfe für Ihr gutes Recht.”

English information about the law office

How ASP may help you

The ASP law firm provides you with a customized and dedicated lawyerly counsel in many subjects, for example in civil- and business law, traffic-, fiscal or employment law. Due to many years of experience with mid-size companies, freelance professionals and private individuals ASP accumulated a comprehensive base of practical knowledge, a distinctive understanding for economic correlations and a certain degree of pragmatism.

From founding a company via legal necessities through to closure of businesses ASP can give entrepreneurs and companies legal advice in almost every department of their business operations.

ASP is not only represented internationally but also increasingly worldwide including other European countries and even North- and South America.

The way ASP works

In order to represent its clients legal interests successfully, ASP invests much time and dedication into a customized consultation. It is of most importance for ASP to get to know the clients better to understand their economical and personal goals. This includes ASP, if necessary, vocalizing inconvenient truths. This lays the foundation for deciding whether to step up in court if required and even indulge if it is helpful for the principal.

By perfectly consulting its clients ASP wants to avoid court cases in advance in order to save time and expenses. But if required ASP will stand uncompromisingly at your side and fight for your right in court aiming to achieve the best result possible.

Interdisciplinary network of specialists

On account of the fact that in today’s world many legal issues can only be solved by highly specialized consultants, the ASP law firm is maintaining a wide network of own specialists not only in Münster but nationwide which can be consulted at any time or to whom ASP can recommend its clients to.

Since a lot of legal problems are connected to tax dependent questions ASP stays in close contact with skilled business economists and tax consultants.

New requirements and constant development

Like every professional activity, legal services and the various demands placed upon it, succumb a constant development. The laws and communication devices are constantly changing. The speed of the change increases continuously due to the development of new global media and the continuing perfection of communication technology. ASP is seizing this opportunity by putting emphasis on its work in terms of entertainment law and internet legislation. On top of that ASP is making use of technical innovations whom are suitable to optimize its services.

The law is and ever will be vibrant. The law isn’t just poring over books it lives by communication, dialog and competence!

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